where the title comes from: with thanks to ulrike mueller

oe is a series of critical readers into contemporary visual cultures; their emergences, contingencies and possibilities.

The series is edited by Katya Sander and Simon Sheikh, artist and theorist. We are committed to theory, but not to discipline, and every reader thus revolves around a specific notion or event, seen and discussed from various vantage points or positions.

Through an analysis of visual cultures – art, film, tv, the net, the street and so on – different regimes of visuality can be located. The circulation, production, reproduction and interpretation of images is seen as crucial to an understanding of contemporary politics, not just of representation, but also of the imaginary. Analysis is therefore not only to be understood as reflective, but also as active or activating. It is proposition(s).


#8: Work the Room: A Handbook of Performance Strategies / Ein Handbuch zu Performancestrategien
Edited by Ulrike Müller
All texts in English and German.

Work the Room criss-crosses the field of contemporary performance art investigating critical actions and the forms they take: How can politics be performed when the public consists of those present and sharing a room? How can the space between performer and audience be activated? What if we are mobilized by our emotions more than by our political convictions?

Work the Room durchquert das Feld gegenwärtiger Performancekunst und untersucht verschiedene Formen kritischen Handelns: Wie kann Politik aufgeführt werden, wenn Öffentlichkeit aus den gemeinsam an einem Ort Anwesenden besteht? Wie kann der Raum zwischen PerformerIn und Publikum aktiviert werden? Was bedeutet es, mehr von unseren Gefühlen mobilisiert zu sein als von unseren politischen Überzeugungen?

With contributions by / Mit Beiträgen von: Christa Benzer, Linda Bilda, Gregg Bordowitz, Stephan Dillemuth, Discoteca Flaming Star, Marie-Thérèse Escribano, Andrea Fraser, Sharon Hayes, Achim Hochdörfer, Judith Hopf, Christof Kurzmann, Xavier Le Roy, Matthew Lyons, Sabine Marte, Mattin, Katrin Pesch, Yvonne Rainer und Britta Scholze.

Edited and with an introduction by / Herausgegeben und mit einem Vorwort von: Ulrike Müller.

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