if this is an open ended process: a conversation on some "not-fixed" plans

hi marijn, ovul,

I really like your works. Yes, it seems very personal, but it refers to the community or social life itself. At the first glance, my work seems very personal as well.

So, yes. we can combine our works on the publication. Now, I do not know how actually. Let me think about that. On the other hand, I have very old project which has never exhibited before. I draw on the both sides of the papers which each size has the ID card size and covered with plexi like the original one. I had imagined that I produced many drawings like that, but I do not know how I can exhibit them. I can concentrate this project too. Besides, I like to play with the idea of the heroes.

Ovul, what do you think about this process? Do you think to collaborate or participate to the project directly? Maybe, we can play with the role of the curator.

many thanks for sharing.


Hi muruvvet, (cc: ovul)
It was good to hear from you, and about the things you bring up! My reply is
also delayed, I?m sorry- I send you now just quickly a collection of works
and ultra-short text fragments, I copied them into a pdf-document to show
what the publication could become. Last pages is just some text fragments
which could serve as a title for a photograph or something. Find it quite
hard to start now, so consider it as just some material for me to start
working with. The text-fragments may look ?personal?, but to me, the playing
with meaning/language may even be more important. Working method with these
works is maybe a bit similar to your approach (to what you call script
drawing). I don?t start with a fixed story or idea, but just with some
words, eventually the unconscious associations I make come inbetween, and can
create what I think is an interesting set of words (an ?unsolvable? riddle).

For the ideas with photographs in the pdf: my idea is to make photographs in
Istanbul and combine them with text fragments. So I hope to collect some
material (photographs but also existing printed matter) in Istanbul and
react to that. My work is mainly built up out of a set of opposites: -doubts
vs. ideals, representation vs. abstraction- and so on, but in the end I
hope to create a kind of fusion, this is what happens when the works come
together for a show or for instance in the publication.

Well these are just some thoughts, don?t know if it?s in anyway ?helpful?
for you. But do whatever you want with it. I think for the publication we
can mix our ?works? up... already just through mix the pages. I like the
immediate response in your work and maybe working with the ?action heroes?
in a way is also quite nice, yes! also for the publication which will be a
kind of ?fanzine? anyway. A free exchange of thoughts.
I?ll also take some objects with me for you to work with...
Let me know if you have any ideas or things to add, but we may also start
working just when I have arrived in Istanbul, looking forward to go there!!
All the best, marijn

> Hello Marijn,
> Firstly, I am so sorry for delay response and many thanks for your message.
> I really have not any idea for this project yet but, as you check my works, I
> used to collect small objects and combine them by sticking with a
> script-drawing on the wall directly.This writing is not taken from a text, it
> is getting a shape by reflexive attitude trying to record what I can
> hear,happening things around me. It is not readable, for me, it is just
> drawing, is a kind of memory.
> so, I like your idea about a publication. The place, which we will work
> together, is a comic book store. It maybe good, if we can produce a
> publication. Could you bring some small object, things for my work? I would
> like to combine them with my objects. Besides, If you will play with the
> words, languages on the publication as well, maybe, I can try to illustrate by
> script-drawing. This is just first step of the brain storming.
> I will study on the wall directly. In our works, there is performative
> attitudes and we should take a video and Ovul can take it and after the
> opening we can exhibit this process on a monitor behind the vitrine of the
> place. What do you thing? If we work in this place, we can use the role of it.
> They sell the comic books. Many many heroes or characters are created fighting
> for the world. Bads and goods. So, we can play with this. How? I do not know
> yet, but I would like to play with this idea...
> I am looking forward your news
> nice to meet you.
> muruvvet
> --- Orjinal mesaj ---
> Dear Muruvvet,
> Hope this email finds you well! We¹re doing together the Work The Room ­
> project, initiated by Ovul, as you know. I was just wondering if you have
> already certain ideas or plans for this project. I have seen your work on
> your website, so I kind of have an idea of what you¹re interests are, and I
> think it can be really nice if our works come together, so I¹m looking
> forward to meet you!
> My (not fixed) plan is to work directly on the wall (creating kind of small
> coloured planes) and use small pieces of paper, mounted on the wall.
> I work a lot with language, often coming from song lyrics or artist
> statements for instance. Combining certain fragments in a 'poetic' way.
> I like the idea of using different styles and ?symbols¹ at the same time in
> my work. Using figurative drawing next to more abstract or conceptual works.
> Often it¹s also a mix of viewpoints: personal ­ universal, chaotic ­
> structured, funny - sad. Well this is all very general some aspects of how I
> am working now.
> My idea was to also make a small lo-fi publication, with maybe some sort of
> poems and text fragments, and images. Just with a copy-machine... like a
> ?zine¹. I was wondering if you like this idea? Maybe we could allready start
> with collecting some material right now... Just let me know what you think.
> Anyway, I¹m also really busy with a comprehensive show that will start just
> after the work the room project, but I thought if we start a bit early with
> thinking about it we can probably do it! Like it anyway if it¹s a bit crappy
> if you understand what I mean.
> Well, hope to hear from you! All the best, marijn

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