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Work the Room is an open end process project where the roles of the determining factors of contemporary art production -artist, audience, space and curator- become subject to change, to be played on and to be problematized. Upon the invitation from the curator Övül Durmuşoğlu, Muruvvet Turkyilmaz (Istanbul) and Marijn van Kreij (Amsterdam) come together in GON comic book store -on Yeni Çarşı Street descending from Galatasaray Square- to work together with the shop's living and working conditions. The two artists working on inscription and writing as a personal and collective performance territory will investigate the circumstances of producing together with the curator, the audience and the space during Work the Room. And Övül Durmuşoğlu will break in the flux of ongoing production through not only putting different obstructions, objects and comments but also inviting surprise guests.

The production of contemporary art projects generally focus on the result. During Work the Room process -which will develop in the area where viewing and producing cross each other- the activities of the artists and the curator will be recorded. The records updated on http:// will be transformed into a publication afterwards.

The first participant invited by Durmusoglu to intervene in the project is the curator Adnan Yıldız (Berlin/Istanbul). Yıldız will be reading the fairytale of Keloğlan through the approach of oral history leaking into the everyday politics, accompanied by turkish breakfast at 10:30 on 4th September.

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